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One of the most capturing things about going on a workcamp is to hear about other people life histories. On a workcamp you really get close to the people living in the country. If you go on a vacation you mostly see the hotel and the beaches and not learn about the culture. When working as a volunteer you get to know yourself and turn into a more understanding person. With that we mean that meeting people with such a different and interesting wiew on life make you grow as a person.

Yesterday we were doing the potatogarden with Fatima. She is a that kind of person you want to hear everything about. She has a mysterious way of giving you small glimpses of her life and not keep talking about it. She told us that you should do what you really want in life and be strong if it’s hard to hold on to your passion. Fatimas passion is to write and when she does that she is happy!

There is so many exciting stories that people here sharing to us. And as Fatima said; some day we will forget her name and face. But we will never forget these important things she shared with us.

And for us that is what a workcamp really is; sharing cultures with each other and explore yourself.

Vi ses! = see you! (in swedish)
Andrea and Siri


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