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Hello everyone,
so today was my first day at the workcamp.
We started with the regestration so that we know who participate in this camp. Everyone got a id with the name on and a number, we need to bring that every day, so no strangers could enter the centre.
After that we had a nice breakfast where we could sit with local people and talk about differences in our culture.
Finally we devided the people into two groups. The one group is doing the garden for the food and the others including me are working on the playground. First we measured the whole place to know where we could start with the playground for the kids. As we get some containers which will be the kitchen and a library, we needed to know where we get the space to build our playground!
As a German I am really motivated to work and want to be active. But the problem is that we did not have work for everyone, so we needed to watch and that is not my kind of thing! They are all really relaxed and it takes a lot of time to get something done! I hope that will change!
The best thing was yesterday because the people are so nice and welcomed us with open arms!!!!!!!!! I loved it!
Hopefully we will work productive soon and go on, I really want to do something!
Regards, Elena

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