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Amy and Jasmin

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that my first blog post were in swedish I didn’t think about this being international haha. Just use google translate if you wanna read it. Today, thursday was so fun because we started with the game Simon Says, Gerri who led the game is excellent at tricking people into failing at Simon Says! Today it is windy and cold and we were divided into smaller groups – my group went to the closest primary school and painted two classrooms in mint green. It was a lot of fun doing the first one. The houses we stay in are great, it is so cosy and it’s really nice to have the opportunity to experience another way of living, like for example we don’t have any running water in my family so when you wash your hair you boil some water and mix it with cold. Kinda funny! Looking forward to tomorrow night cus were going to church all of us for a family culture evening. Transport will be organised I think, at least for the ride home. And a great thing here is that I feel safe cus everybody is looking after us and walking with us if we are going to visit someone else’s hostfamily.
We haft to go back to the centre now and work work work with the food garden.
Everything is lekker!
Bye for now!

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