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We arrived one day later than we expected beacause the plane we were supposed to take from Munich in Germany were overbooked! So we had to stay at a hotel near the airport. Before we got a taxi to the hotel we were inlooked in the airport! All planes had left so it were all empty! We got helped by a very confused woman who usually worked at the airport in Frankfurt. So she didn’t know why we were looked in the airport or where to go! We thought of the movie The Terminal with Tom Hanks. It’s about a man who have no country and have to live at a airport!

But when we eventually arrived at the workcamp in Cape Town everyone was so happy and singed “Welcome to Cape town, let’s see you smiling!” That was so fun! We love the people here they are really polite and caring! This day we been working at painting two classrooms at the school and digged on the fruit garden and playground.

It’s very exciting being here and we enjoy working at the camp and staying with our families! Siri is living with Carol (who is one of the workcamp leader) and her kids Amy, Carmelita and Kimilla. And I (Andrea) is living with Lorraine and her 19 year old daughter Elize. And Jadin (2 years old) and his parents Annelize and Roderick.

While writing this I have five people helping me to spell and say what to write 🙂 That’s very amusing!

Kram=hug in swedish
Andrea and Siri

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