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This is a movie from the top of Table Mountain!

Today all the internationell volunteers, mrs Pattinson and Michelle met at nine a clock at the center. Because it’s sunday people here go to church. They were singing and praying at the center. We went in to the center and watched. We thought it looked nice that they did something together and was so happy. After that we “tryckte ihop oss” in two cars and went to the Table Mountain! Wopah! We enjoyed the hike a lot but it was exhausting! The wiew from the top was really beautiful! You could see all over the city and sea.

In the evening we played domino with my hostfamily. It was really fun. Elize has skills in domino! 🙂 They also showed me a picture on top of a puzzle box with a city and asked if it was Sweden because it said so on the box but it wasn’t! It was a Switzerland flag in the picture and it didn’t looked like Sweden. That was so funny that the company that did the puzzle got it all wrong!

This day was so nice like all days is here. We don’t ever wanna go home 🙂
Goodnight= godnatt (in Swedish)
Andrea and Siri

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