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Hi, this is Michele – I am a member of Mothers Unite and am truly inspired after the first day of work in Seawinds, Lavender Hill. After planning for almost a year, the workcamp is actually here and everyone is so enthused and full of energy! Things have just come together in a way that we never imagined possible.

Yesterday the participants were welcomed with great excitement by their host families at the Seawinds Multi-purpose Centre and they seem to be settling in fairly well. We have been truly blessed with the good weather thus far, and hope it continues for the next few weeks.

Today we focused on 2 simulataneous workshops (i) measuring, pegging and levelling the area in preparation for the adventure playground (ii) measuring and pegging trenches as well as sifting subsoil in preparation for the food garden.

The other highlight of today was that we were greatly blessed by a woman at the Epping market who decided that she wanted to support our workcamp and sponsor a substantial amount of fruit and vegetables and another woman that decided she wanted to donate 5 large pots to assist with the workcamp kitchen – these donations, large or small always help so much.

What makes this workcamp so special is that it is such a diverse collaboration of different organisations and individuals working towards the same vision – i.e. a safe village for children and resource centre for the community. We have had a number of people commenting and asking: “Finally something is happening around the Multi-purpose centre” “How did all of this come about?” “It is so wonderful to see all these community members coming together with such positivity”. I know this is the beginning of an amazing journey.

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