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Hi! It’s Jasmin blogging. Today we have prepared for rain but it didn’t really rain so we painted some of the poles in the playground and cleaned the sand for the bigger garden were there is going to be flowers and some veggies growing. I can’t believe it will be over soon, it feels like we have a good life here now and Elida next to me just happened to refer to the multipurpose center as home.
We are less people then when we first started out the workcamp, but I think it reflects in a good way when it comes to the food we eat, because with less people we can have some fish and other niiice things.
I really like my hostfamily aswell, they are so nice!
Yesterday I was with the internationals / Tatjana, Elida and Sonia at Sonias hostfamily Sorayas home and we ate some food and talked about the diffences in our country, mostly the economy and the education. Tatjana couldn’t believe that we get a certain amount money from our country when we study at university so I asked how much she gets and she was almost screaming GEET? Anyway, that was a nice time but now I haft to go, we are getting back to the workcamp.

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