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Hi there!
It’s Andrea writing.
It’s Monday today and a new week have begun. Sadly (!!) it’s our last week here! 🙁 We had a meeting today with all the host families and everyone was so kind and really wanted us to have as fun as possible! We have filled this week with a lot of activities which I look forward to a lot! Just to mention some of them we are going clubbing to a club with two floors with different music on each floor, bowling and taking a ferry out to Robben island. But not only the free time is full of stuff to do. The work on the multipurpose center is also in full effectively! We are getting far on the adventure playground and the fruit garden. I look forward a lot to see how far we’ll manage to get until the Mothers Unite work camp is over! And I also wish the work after I’m going home will go on great. I really hope that the cooperation between all the organisations will work out and that they can do an awesome work together to work for the best in the community! Wopah!

Yesterday we had the CULTURAL XPLOSION! I still get really glad thinking about it. Everyone was so un-shy (is that a word?) and happy! We had a local band singing and dancing and afterwards a lot of other people in the audience wanted to do a performance as well. I can’t believe that people are so brave! I like the way everybody are so mixed in the age differences. There is children, adults and teens in a chaotic lovely mix 🙂 I’ll really miss the happiness here!

This trip is one of the most exciting and funniest thing I ever experienced!
I hope you guys in Sweden and whatever country get’s really jealous cause you should really
be that 😉 This is awesome!

Hej hopsan!

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