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hey guys,

it’s me Vigdis. I am going to tell you a little bit about the awesome time we had yesterday.

We, all the interantionals and the community wokers, met at our hall to get to know more about our different cultures. Everybody brought a dish, which is typical for his country. One of the South African guys prepared some curry, the Swedish guys bake an awesome chocolate cake and we, the Germans, made some Gluehwein – but these are only some examples, we had a lot more! I think after eating everybody was totally full!
We also had a programm, which includes some wonderfull songs and dance performances from the Community Workers, a funny game from the Swedish guys (Michelle looked afterwards like a polar bear =) ) and a German game called “Family Meyer in the zoo”.

I think everybody had an awesome time! We danced togehter, laughed together and enjoyed ourselfs.
Thank you guys for this great day!


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