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Hello again,
after 2,5 weeks workcamp, I got a lot of impressions.
I loved the experience cause I had the possibility to learn a lot about the southafrican culture. Even when we digged really hard the internationals had some really interessting conversations and discussions with some of the community members.
We really had a lot of work and tried hard to go on with the project and we managed. It is such a good feeling to see that something is build up and helps Mothers Unite! I am so looking forward to hear how it is going in the future with all these children who are getting feed by our food garden and can play and go wild on the adventure playground!
Some of us even sorted out books for the upcoming library, I love the idea of the possibility to read and study with the books!
I really loved the experience I got here and wish Mothers Unite and the other Members which are involved the best and go on with your work! Hope your energy will never stop for that project!
Love, Elena

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