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Hello everybody!

I (Andrea) just want to say that it been fantastic working with you all and I’m going to miss you all a lot!! I also had a very fun night tonight at both Robben Island and the braai party at the center.

Here is finally the recipe that a lot of the South African volunteers have been asking for several times!

(chocolate balls, a Swedish recipe)

100 g butter
1 dl sugar
1 ordinary food spoon, vanilla sugar
3 spoons cocoa
3 dl oats
3 spoons cold
and strong coffee

Do like this: Melt the butter and let it pour for a short moment. Put sugar, cocoa, oats, coffee and the butter together. ocker. Put this is the refrigerator for around an hour. Form the mixture to balls and roll them into the coconut flings. Bon Appetite!

Anyone who wants to send me a e-mail is very welcome to do that! Exspecially you south African volunteers cause I want to know how the projekts is going! I’ll miss you all!

Love Andrea

This projekt was mostly for the kids in the area.
I hope they will like the adventure playground!

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