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It’s Andrea blogging! 🙂
Here comes some diffrent pictures from some of the excursions we have done so far!

1. 7 of the 9 international volunteers on the top of Table Mountain. It was a exhausting but so funny and beatuiful climbing!

2. This is Tony and Sonia at Fishhook beach. We sat there all of us watching the sunset and talking. I liked that a lot just sitting and relax and be with everyone 🙂

3. We also went to Cape Point and it was awesome. We saw the two oceans (Indian ocean and Atlantic) meet in the “end” of Africa.
Here is some pictures from the multipurpose center! Many of the South African volunteers working on the workcamp is part of diffrent orginisations. These orginisations all work for the children and the community.

This workcamp is a start of something very big. Because all the orginisations going to start to cooperate. The multipurpose center is going to be a pre-school for children in the age 1-5 when they learn through games and pictures! And the fruitgarden is going to give food for those children. Together this cooperation will mean that more children can get contribution and get knowledge before school!

1. Here the children get food on one of the soupdays that Mothers Unite have for the children.

2. This is when we played with the children. It was a lot of fun!

I really love it here!
Hej hopp!


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