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Hello there I’m JANE JOSEPH a 28 year old and a mother of three.I live in a informal settlement for the last three years in CAPE TOWN.I have joined an organisation called HIGH HOPE FEEDING SCHEME and a HEALTH CLUB.In the last two weeks I have joined MOTHER’S UNITE to create an ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND and a FOOD GARDEN.We have one week left to this project and I think we gonna finish this.My workcamp leaders are CAROL,CHANTLE,SONJA,ELIDA.To be at the workcamp it’s a great experience.I had learned a lot about teamwork,friendship,trust,communication and leadership in such event.Today’s weather is a bit cold and its raining but we try to do our best we wont let it get us down.My SWEDEN and GERMAN friends are good to me and the other for me it was good to meet people from a other culture and countries.We all did same fum games together like singing and dancing.We also do yoga together in the morning after breakfast.We all sit together and have our food.We celebrate all things together.I will like to chat again very soon.

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