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B.I.D.D. – Bridging The Digital Divide

Mothers Unite launched the first computer lab in October of 2013, where we used donated, second hand computer systems and parts to be assembled and used to teach the children registered to the organization. We managed to assemble, and fit 10 working computers and started teaching our children computer literacy lessons.

In February 2014 we opened the lab to the greater community, where they learned basic computer literacy and touch typing to help make their job applications successful. 2014 Was the beginning of our (Bridging the Digital Divide) B.I.D.D. Project, this project involves educating people in computer literacy from ages 4 to 70. We’ve trained more than 200 people in the last year, and will continue to do so.

In 2015 we launched our second computer lab where we are able to train even more of the general public.

These lessons are at a very low cost of R20 for the whole basic computer literacy and touch typing course. It’s a way of sustaining the project, but help is always accepted.