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The Emergency First Aid Response (EFAR) program is a community-based health program designed to both lay the foundation backbone of a new emergency first responder system in the community linked into the local Emergency Medical System, and to support it until full maturity.

Started in 2008, the Cape Town EFAR System trains and dispatches Emergency First Aid Responders (EFARs) in areas of high crime violence, acute illness and accidents.These EFARs are embedded in their communities and can respond to emergencies quickly by being called upon by their neighbors or by being dispatched via the local ambulance dispatch centre.

On-scene, the EFARs are able to keep emergency patients alive until fully equipped ambulances arrive, and in some cases they can transport the patients to the hospital directly. International volunteers could assist with training adult and child community members as well as be involved in schools outreach.

Each Mothers Unite facilitator is an approved Level 3 EFAR and many of our facilitators serve as head EFARs for their areas. As a team of certified trainers, we run a self-sustaining EFAR program, as our facilitators train greater Lavender Hill and southern suburbs community members and students directly.