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Kidz help Kidz
This initiative makes visible the fact that kidz support kidz in positive ways.

Every year the Kidz Unite Campaign brings kidz from different schools around the Western Cape together to show that kidz can make a

This year we have a Socks and Beanie drive, where kidz from 11 primary schools in the Lavender Hill/Retreat area will receive winter packs, consisting of 2 pairs of socks and a Beanie.

If you would like to be part of this awesome winter drive and would like to donate winter packs complete the following pledge form

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How it started…

This initiative was inspired by a young child donating 2 large boxes of toys to children in Lavender Hill for Christmas and making visible the fact that “KIDZ support KIDZ”.

We have since had many children coming forward to show that they would like to and can make a difference in another child’s life.

Annual KIDZ UNITE campaign

Every year a KIDZ UNITE drive brings various schools together across the Western Cape.

For 2010 our focus is a  Socks and Beanie Drive, where 11 private schools will raise funds for 10 000 packs of socks and Beanies to be handed to 11 less privileged schools in Lavender Hill/Retreat.

Just before the World Cup kicks off in the last week of May, these 11 private schools will hand over the packs of socks and beanies to the 11 schools in Lavender as social awareness project.

KIDZ UNITE Events Calendar

Watch this space for upcoming events organized “BY KIDZ FOR KIDZ”