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“A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.”
Norman Cousins

Library Project

Pivotal point of our Library Project is our library. We are fortunate of having our very own library at Mothers Unite. In this space we are able to get our children enthusiastic about reading and the magic of story-telling. It is important to us that our children can express and exchange their fantasies freely in a comfortable space.

Not only do our children benefit from our library, but also even our facilitators and volunteers can use our encyclopedias or enjoy advanced literature.

Since a lot of our children are struggling at school with reading and writing we provide different projects to help them to improve their skills.

Reading Club

In our Reading Club we help those children who struggle a lot with reading or  those who cannot even read. Being able to read and to understand what is being read is an essential part of their school education. If the children are not able to do this, they are unmotivated to work at school and it is reflected in their reports. Therefore we want to help them to improve.


Book Club

The aim of our Book Club is to motivate children to read and to improve their skills of story telling. It is important for children to be able to understand what they read, relating reading to personal experience, how to take part in discussions and to respect the opinions of others.
Furthermore, they might be able to build friendships with other children who like to read.
They even might be encouraged to read books they would not have read through recommendation from other children.
Every Friday our Book Club takes place. The children engage in various activities around literacy and their books. At the end of each session our children take home books from the library to read and prepare them for the next time.

“Book clubs are so appealing because children can truly get lost in a book without standardized tests looming, no comprehension questions to answer, just the pure satisfaction, of reading for enjoyment. Book groups offer a venue to bring the lone act of reading, into a social circle.”Jennifer Thompson, Reading Specialist


Spelling Bee

One of our annual events occurring since September 2012 is the Spelling Bee. This is a spelling contest were our children from the age of 7 – 14 participate. Weeks before this contest they practice their spelling with the facilitator in the class. Every year we try to provide great prizes as a motivation for our children.
As a consequence they are motivated to practice at home and even to involve their parents by asking them for help. Our aim is not only to improve the child’s literacy skill, but also to empower them to become independent in setting up their own learning pace and to encourage the parents to help the child at home with their studies.

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