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Getting a warm and healthy meal every day is not self-evidently for the children of our community. As Mothers Unite we want to tend to the need of our children by providing them with at least one warm and healthy meal every weekday.
Furthermore we emphasis on the education about sustainable gardening for ourselves and our children.
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Literacy is the ability to read and write. Furthermore it includes the ability to use language, numbers and images for understanding. In the 21st century being literate also means being able to access knowledge through technology.
As Mothers Unite we created a space for our children to immerse into the world of reading and story telling. Besides that we teach the children and the community the necessarily skills to keep up with today’s pace of technology.
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Not only is it important to us to nurture our children physically we also emphasize on their education. Since a lot of our children struggle in school we want to give them a space where there can learn while having fun and without the pressure they usually encounter at school.
But intervention doesn’t start at school. Mothers Unite also focuses on the early years of childhood.
We are also not restricting ourselves only to the children, we also want to educate the people of our community through various projects.

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