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Our feeding scheme

Through the impulse of a mother, the feeding began a few years back. That is the foundation of Mothers Unite.

We are currently happy to be able to feed around 160 children who stream in five times a week. The meals are prepared in the morning from about 4 of our facilitators.
A kitchen coordinator plans the menu and portions. We receive the ingredients from donors and regularly harvest our very own fresh vegetables. Each and every meal is nutritious and balanced. As we are often blessed with lots of fruit, we round up the meals with either a fruity dessert or a couple of fruits to take home for each child.

The feeding starts at 4pm every weekday after the educational programs.
The facilitators dish up and distribute the meals, while our volunteers serve water and distribute fruits at the end. No child ever leaves the Mothers Unite program hungry.
The fact that parents are not always able to provide a meal for their family is a reality for the children that attend our programs. We encourage the children therefore to start a vegetable garden at home to provide some fresh produce and improve their nutritional intake. At the same time this enables them to own and maintain a low cost food source.