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The growth of our food garden

During the winter workcamp of 2009 with much help from our previous local and overseas volunteers, we set up about 10 trenches in our garden. In addition we also created more space by using recycled containers such as tyres, the casing of old computer monitors, a bath tub and crates for innovative gardening.  Growing vegetables requires some knowledge and a certain sense of the environment.

People throughout the world grow plants and vegetables differently and according to their environmental conditions, space, resources and knowledge. The type of soil, weather, tools and temperature may differ and sometimes living standards, culture and even belief may influence the way one gardens.

The agricultural conditions are relatively restricted in the Cape Flats and the soil is very sandy. Soil for Life have thus assisted us greatly with resources and our gardening methodology. They have taught us the skills for sustainable gardening, cultivation, composting and maintenance during all seasons.

Each volunteer takes care of a trench, observing and working through the stages of soil preparation, seed germination, transplantation, protection from pests, weeding, mulching, watering and last but not least, harvesting. Recycled materials are transformed into useful tools and keep the costs of gardening fairly low. The chopped up and cooked vegetables provide the hungry children with nutritious meals. A herb garden is underway and sessions in tincture making will be coming up soon.